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5th to 12th of July

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Practical Information :

In order to ensure an efficient teaching environment, only registrations from couples will be accepted automatically.
A "single" registration won't be confirmed until we have an equilibrium between men and women.
In this case, don't forget to give us your contact information (phone or e-mail) so that we can contact you as soon as this equilibrium has been reached.

This course will concentrate on the Parisian Musette, not so well known and yet not to be ignored :

  1. Tango & Bolero (both based on chassé steps)

  2. Parisian Samba (slipped steps)

  3. Toupie (which "replaces" the waltz) & Java

The steps of these dances are relatively simple, original and easy to perform.
They will make you into admired and envied dancers.

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Place & Date :

Our next course will take place in Béziers (Hérault, France), 
on the
, at the...

Vroom vroom...  

Théâtre du Minotaure

15 rue Solferino

Béziers (Town centre)

Rue Solferino (Solferino Street) starts from the Allées Paul Riquet (the main tree-lined avenue in the town centre) at the Galeries Lafayette department store.

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Level :


Beginner ...
Medium ...

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Timetable :

Saturday,  th June

10:30 / 13:00  Parisian Samba
13:45 / 16:15 Tango / Bolero
16:30 / 19:00 Toupie / Java

Ring !!!!!!! 

Sunday, th June
, th june
Level : MEDIUM

11:15 / 13:15  Parisian Samba
14:00 / 16:00 Tango / Bolero
16:15 / 18:15 Toupie / Java

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Tariffs :

If you are not member, member card : 8 Eur.

Really not expensive...

Each lesson
(mimimum 2 hours)

15 Eu.

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Evening Dance :


Sundayth June from 21:30,
Théâtre du Minotaure
Evening Dance with live band
Open to all, students and non-students
Parisian Musette demonstration

Go go go... What rhythm !!!That's hot, Marcel !!!

Tariffs include cold, non-alcoholic drinks...

Student ... 8 Eu.
Member ... 12 Eur.
Non-Member ... 14 Eur.

For the male dancers, a "casquette" (cloth cap) and "bretelles" (braces/suspenders) are welcome...
For the ladies, clothing a bit in the retro style is desirable.
We aren't asking you to disguise yourselves, but more to help recreate a typical and pleasant atmosphere.
This is in no way obligatory.

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Miscellaneous :

At lunchtime, sandwiches will be available at the Minotaure bar for those who would like them.
Overnight lodging at very reasonable prices can be arranged through the Theatre: phone +33 467 28 45 28 (from outside France) or 04 67 28 45 28 (from within France) and ask for Anne-Marie.

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8th & 9th June 2002 : learning the ropes...


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