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Musette ... Musette... A word which makes some people dream, but above all, above all, a word with a pejorative connotation for most of you, particularly the young.

A chord, accordion !

Without any doubt, it's necessary to begin by redefining this word, in order to create a desire in all of us, young and less young, to discover or rediscover what is in fact an integral part of the french cultural heritage.

Dancers since the early 80's and dance teachers since 1993, we have created this site from the dancers' viewpoint, as opposed to that of an ethnologist, historian or musicologist...
Quite simply because we aren't able to!

Buttons of sheer pleasure...

It's the "Musette Today"  aspect which is closest to our heart !
Important : under this heading you'll find what should be, in our opinion, a new definition of the "danced Musette".

Take your time to browse through our website.
Once your curiosity has been aroused, we hope to meet you during one of the workshops organised to re-launch this style of dance...

See you soon!