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Polishing up the tarnished image of the "Musette" in the world of dance is no small task.
Talking about these dances of popular origin immediately conjures up images which may certainly be amusing, but which are often negative...

A "tea dance" is easily confused with the "musette Ball".
One mixes "ballroom dances" and "social dances" with "musette dances" in order to reduce everything to just "partner dancing"...

Chuckacha-boom-boom !

If musette dancing is indeed a style, the fact remains that dances related to this style do exist.

Moreover, there exist different regional musettes in at least two corners of France : the Paris region and the Marseille region.

The Java, known throughout France, is still taught in some dance schools.
But how many dancers are left who can dance the Toupie?
And where are the ones who know the Marseille Racatti?
Are there other "musettes" in existence, specific to certain regions, notable for the different way in which they are danced ?

If nothing happens with the definitions or in people's attitudes, these dances will finally disappear because of the lack of dancers.

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