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Where can you still see real musette dancers in action?


Our information on the Paris region dates from the end of 2002:

“L’évasion”, in the boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, 10th district, is unfortunately now closed.
It was THE place where Parisian musette dancers came on Sunday nights or Monday afternoons.

Amongst the traditional ballroom dancers on the slippery dance floor, this was without doubt where you saw most of the dancers who could do the Toupie, dance a musette tango or bolero, and execute a Parisian samba.

Here are some places where you might see some musette couples lost in the crowd of traditionnal ballroom dancers.
If you have a phone number, it is strongly advisable to call in advance to check the following information:

“Le chalet du lac”, on the edge of the Vincennes woods, St Mandé : on Friday evenings.

"Le 128 Lafayette", boulevard Lafayette (gare du Nord), Paris : Friday, Saturday, Monday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and evenings.

"Le Moulin de Sannois", allée de Cormeilles, Sannois (département 95), tel.: 01 34 11 00 11.

"Le Rétro République", faubourg du Temple, Paris, tel.: 01 42 08 54 06.

"Le Boléro", 18 rue Croix Nivert, Paris 15, tel.: 01 47 83 26 17.

"L'Ermitage", Chalifert, close to Lagny (département 77), http://notrermitage.com

"Le Canotier", Précy/Marne, tel.: 01 60 01 62 12.

"Le Catalogne", Arpajon

At “Gégène”, along the Marne, in Joinville le Pont : during the opening period, on Friday or Saturday evenings, and on Sunday afternoons.
One goes there mainly for the decor and the atmosphere : where can you still see waiters throw sawdust on the dance floor before a waltz is played so that the “Toupie” can be danced better?
One also goes to watch the few “musette” couples who are often there and who move about between dance school students and tourists...

One can also go to the “Bal à Jo”, rue de Lappe, at Bastille.
They give no specific day because it seems the place is becoming very  “salsa, rock, groove...”.
We don’t even know if there are still tea dance afternoons or if musette dancers still go there.
But we are sure that a detour there is worthwhile just for the beauty of the room !!!

Our information on the Marseille region dates from the end of 2000 :

The “Happy Days” , between Martigue and Marseille, towards Gignac and Chateauneuf.
Call for information on dates.  

On Monday afternoons, you might still be able to find some “racatti” dancers at the Maxi Club (behind the old port), at the “Vamping” (at the catalan), at the “La Plage” (on the corniche).
Again, it is wise to call to find out before setting out...

With regard to other regions and where to find a typically danced musette :  

we are waiting to hear from you.

Anyway, we also look forward to receiving your latest information, more up to date than ours, regarding the Paris and Marseille regions.
Get in touch !

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